It's the Chinese year of the Red Fire Monkey, which may mean we will deal with more financial events in a quick changing environment, so we need to be more resourceful and risk-taking to outsmart the Monkey to be successful.

How are we going to do it? By making new year resolutions! They can be as small or as big as you want just make sure you stick to them to make a difference.

Resolution Ideas

As an individual employee, resolutions help to keep you on track to ensure your contribution to the success of Salesforce and the company:

1. I will get certified and read the release notes

Salesforce wrote a whole poem about why you should resolve to get certified. Updating or passing certification is an opportunity to take stock of your knowledge. We might be in the system day in day out but not use certain features which are worth bringing back to attention.

Try giving yourself a deadline to read the release notes, e.g three weeks after they are released. I've been a Salesforce administrator for the past seven years and Salesforce is changing more quickly now than ever before. You could be missing out on a great change that could solve your problems. If you are struggling with a particular task, chances are other people were too. If you don’t have time and don’t feel like enough of a geek to read the release notes in their entirety, Salesforce also puts out a summary level release preview that you can skim.

2. I will perform a quarterly system clean up

A cluttered systems ultimately creates a less optimal experience for your end users and slows down development. It including data, reports & dashboards, workflows, and more.

3. I will update/create customised training material

Customised Salesforce training material is helpful for faster on-boarding of new users, helps answer recurring questions faster and simply is key to drive user adoption. Plus, practice makes perfect, so empower your users doing it in their own time.

4. I will be more active in my community

The Salesforce community is very active on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), so monitoring and participating in the discussions could help you reap the benefits of others findings/observations.

Now that you've thought about your resolutions, here's some advice on being tenacious in keeping them:

  1. Clearly define your resolutions and put it all on paper

  2. Track your progress on a set basis using reporting tools available

  3. Have patience

  4. Publicise your resolution across the organisation or amongst your team

  5. Put it on your schedule with deadline so you don’t procrastinate

  6. Stop all or nothing thinking

  7. Get up when you slip up

Our Resolutions at Tquila ANZ

We’re always striving to improve our services and processes, and the new year is the perfect time to build a strategy using resolutions.

1. We will incorporate more Customer Experience in all our projects

We see a huge opportunity in this area. It’s the buzzword of the digital world, unfortunately regardless of how many companies see the benefit not many find how to apply it. We aim at finding a way to get there thanks to our Customer Experience Lead.

2. We will industrialise the latest technologies in the mobile space and use it on our customers and ourselves

Our team is super excited by the outcomes of some recent projects and internal concepts and demos apps created by the mobile team, including iBeacons in the retail space and React Native development platform for native apps.

3. We will build new consulting service products to allow our customer to get the best out of the Salesforce Platform

In 2015 we launched our Pardot consulting team and explored Wave & Big Data. Steelbricks previously being our partner will now be its own full service and with all the changes happening at Salesforce we’re sure to add a couple more capacities.

4. We will get more certified

We want to make sure our customers are in good hands and our team is bring their A-game.

Let’s be the 8% that keep to their resolutions this year. Stay tuned on our progress and you should do the same (advice #2).


Ian has over 20 years experience consulting and selling software development projects in ANZ. His expertise is helping customers transform their business on the platform and has worked with 250+ Salesforce customers in the last 11 years. Kimberley is a Pardot consultant with over 7 years experience developing and maintaining for end users. She is of a creative nature always up for a new challenge to initiate change & transformation.

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