Last week we had the first Salesforce X Tquila "Marketing Automation for Not for Profits" Event at the Rydges Hotel, Melbourne!

A collaborative effort between Tquila and Salesforce, our guests learnt from industry experts how to;   

  • Enhance their donor journey through marketing automation
  • Deliver personalised one-on-one donor journeys 
  • Increase supporter engagement

They were also presented with a fireside chat between Tquila's Digital Marketing Practice Manager, Cameron Hook and Rebecca Chua, Senior Marketing Manager for ThankYou Group.

The two discussed how ThankYou is growing their business by

  • Automating their marketing efforts
  • Improving ROI on their marketing dollars
  • Creating better customer journeys


If you are an NFP looking to automate your marketing efforts, contact our Head Office as we will be hosting the Sydney event on the 25th of July!

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