Disruptive Innovation - Elimination of Friction

Stay tuned for the Brisbane Architecture Meet Up new date

Following the success of the Sydney and Melbourne events, TQUILA ANZ, in partnership with Xpand and MuleSoft are planning the next in the series to be held in Brisbane - new date to be advised soon...

Businesses today are under unprecedented pressure of disruption by faster, more-nimble competitors and new entrants to their marketplaces. The user is becoming the centre of focus, whether that user be a customer, a partner or an employee. The experience at points of interaction are now moments of truth for some businesses - a frictionless engagement to capture and provide the right data, at the right time, in the right context, across multiple channels. The business challenges:

Data is locked away in disparate or legacy systems yet needs to be made accessible across all devices, anytime, anywhere. Delivery of new initiatives is now expected to happen in weeks and months, not in years. The ability for organisations to pivot direction is a critical imperative for most businesses - not just the ‘innovative few’. Innovation has become the norm and transformation is the buzzword for coping with the new business pressures. Implementing innovation and transformation is easier said than done. As a Platinum Salesforce partner, Tquila ANZ focuses on delivering ‘innovation and transformation’ to their clients across multiple industries. At the meet up, they will share their approach to tackling these challenges and lessons learnt along the way.