Tquila ANZ announced as finalist in the 2018 ARN Innovation Awards

Tquila ANZ has been listed as a finalist in the upcoming ARN Innovation Awards under the category of Partner Value - Customer Value for the Shipping Calculator solution developed for Teys Australia.

Some background

Teys Australia is a 50/50 partnership between the Teys family and the Cargill Company.

The Teys family has been involved in the Australian beef industry since 1946, when four Teys Brothers formed a partnership that was involved in wholesaling and retailing meat in South East Queensland. The family has since grown its business to become the second largest meat processor and exporter in Australia.

Maintaining a strong customer focus is one of the cornerstones of their success. By combining the deep knowledge and expertise in their business with long-term, productive partnerships across the supply chain, they are able to deliver sustainable solutions and true value to their global customers. Their Collaborative customers share vital forecasts, which further helps organise their supply chain to deliver product correctly, on time and in full.

Teys Shipping Calculator... one of the most exciting deliverables was the complex coding the Tquila team put together to address the need for an optimised shipping process. 

In what could be viewed as a real-world version of ‘Tetris’, the Teys shipping calculator takes into account the size of the container (20 or 30 foot) to be used; the different types of boxes and packages available; and, the size, shape, weight and price of each box. The calculator provides Teys with the real-time data they require to maximise available space, eliminate under-loading and waste, save costs and generate reports on each container’s value and volume.

Every Order and every item is calculated, and the remaining capacity is displayed on the order in real time. Whenever new order items in cartons or tons are added to the Order, Salesforce automatically re-calculates the capacity and weight of the container.
Teys deliver globally, so cost of each container and each Order items would vary depending on the country of destination and the currency rate. Tquila’s Ex-works calculation for Teys allow export orders to be calculated according destination country and container price at current exchange rates including insurance cost.
Ex-works calculation is critical for Teys as currency rates/insurance may vary by country and can dramatically change the cost of the container and items.

About the Selection Process

Following an overwhelming response, finalist submissions were selected by a shortlist panel consisting of ARN president and publisher, Susan Searle; ARN editorial director James Henderson; ARN senior journalist Julia Talevski and ARN Hall of Fame inductees David Henderson and Moheb Moses.

The winners will now be selected by an expansive panel of 170 industry judges, acknowledging creativity, innovation and excellence.

Winners will be announced at a celebration dinner on the 20th September, 2018 in Sydney.

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